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Valuable savings with new MDL
Valuable savings with new MDL

Our new MDL-Industrial generates valuable lifetime savings compared with a traditional goods lift. A recent [...]


Our new MDL-Industrial generates valuable lifetime savings compared with a traditional goods lift. A recent study put it at more than €6000, including €4000 on installation alone.


Valuable savings with new MDL

Our new MDL-Industrial generates savings all the way from purchase to transport to installation and operation. Marketing director Stefan Petersson says many customers who saw the product on its launch at LogiMAT in Stuttgart last week rated it “fantastic”.
“I think their very enthusiastic response shows we have delivered the product the market really needs,” he says. “The lifetime costs are a big part of its appeal. A recent study has shown that our MDL-I saves more than €6000 on post-purchase costs, including €4000 on installation alone.”
The MDL-I is designed for easy transportation to site, where assembly is weld-free. “That means a couple of people can assemble the lift in just one day,” says Stefan. “Compare that with multi-day assembly, with all the additional costs such as hotel bills, and the savings quickly mount up.”


“The response from the market was so enthusiastic that our display unit was bought directly off the stand on the very first day at the exhibition LogiMAT, last week in Germany” recalls Stefan. “We had big expectations for our new product, but this was something exceptional!”

Extends product range

“The new MDL-I is a valuable extension of our product range,” observes Stefan. “Our scissor lifts are ideal for heights up to 3 m, but what if you need to go higher? At greater heights indoors, our new MDL-I is faster and smarter than any other lift. When a customer is looking for a lift, we can now always offer the smartest customized solution.”

Safe solution with extended service options

The MDL-I is CE-marked and fully compliant with EN 1570-1 or Machine Directive 2006/42/EC, Annex IIA, depending on the application. It offers safety by position for safe service and maintenance, plus a host of operator protection features such as safety enclosure, door guard locking and emergency buttons. It also has overload protection and a cylinder safety valve for secure positioning.
The MDL-I is designed for easy service and maintenance, with standard parts available ex-stock. Our service contract makes service even smarter, with annual inspections and reviews by our authorized experts. For peace of mind, the program includes full risk and safety analyses, with all parts tested and serviced.

MDL Product sheet (.pdf, 2Mb): English
MDL Product sheet (.pdf, 2Mb): German


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