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What challenges of the nonferrous metal processing base have been overcome by the MARCO high lifting platform?
What challenges of the nonferrous metal processing base have been overcome by the MARCO high lifting platform?


High raw material weight, limited operating space, high-temperature environment, extremely high operation safety requirement, and the requirement for both efficiency improvement and fault rate reduction... During the communication with a large-scale nonferrous metal producer and nonferrous metal processing product supplier, the Marco team learned about the range of challenging problems, and offered a highly-functional and customized solution which resolves each of the bottlenecks.



After raw materials are delivered from the ground floor to the metal reaction workshop, general-purpose lifting platforms can be used to lift the raw materials to the floor where the reaction furnace is placed. However, because of the significant height of the floor, any major lifting platform can't be accommodated in the limited space; Besides, in order to increase efficiency, the raw materials must be lifted continuously, and the operation capacity of a single lifting platform can't be satisfactory to the requirement...






Based on a series of surveys, and accurate calculations and design, the customized Marco high lifting platform is rolled out for the customer, which has a bearing capacity of 12 tons, and is about 4m long (bench), 2.3m wide, and up to 6m high. After being put into use, the lifting platform has effectively resolved a series of challenging problems:


Through the overlaying of multiple-layer scissor arms, the space used to  accommodate the lifting platform is reduced, and thus two sets of lifting platforms can be arranged in the limited space, with the ability of lifting the raw materials to the required height, and can be operating uninterruptedly, which improves the efficiency; 

The customized rotary platform is mounted on the bench of the lifting platform, and can turn the raw materials to the correct direction according to specific requirements;

The bench is equipped with guard railing, which is firm in structure and can effectively prevent the raw materials from slippage and dropping in the lifting process;

The platform is further equipped with ejection lock pins, which prevent the platform from subsidence and shake upon pickup of the materials in high position, and eliminates safety hazards to the utmost.


Since the equipment is put into operation, the production efficiency has been significantly improved, and the reliability of the operating procedure is unanimously recognized by the company from the management to the operating personnel.


The outstanding solutions and high-quality products of Marco are widely applied in the metal smelting and processing industry, and are unanimously and highly praised by the customers and cooperative partners. In the future, with the optimization of logistical transportation systems in various industries, Marco will provide more individualized solutions, and contribute to the in-plant material flows.

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