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A customized lift platform with a carrying capacity of 15 tons and four hydraulic rams, applicable to the precision ceramics industry.
A customized lift platform with a carrying capacity of 15 tons and four hydraulic rams, applicable to the precision ceramics industry.

Project Background 

A certain ceramics producer has been specialized in the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of new materials. Its products are widely applied in multiple industries such as semiconductors, LCD, precision apparatuses, electronics, healthcare, aviation, and communications. Due to various reasons such as the considerable weight of its raw material, its productivity that needs to be improved, and production standardization as required by multinationals, it needs equipment for efficient material conveyance. 

MARCO Customized Solution 

The lift car responsible for material , unloaded, carrying onsite drives to the lift platform. When the lift rises to an appropriate height, the workers will load the car with materials. With the piling-up increasing, the lift platform will come down gradually. When the piling-up is completed, the platform will elevate, and the car will carry the materials to the outside of the platform. 

Characteristics of the lift platform 

- With a carrying capacity of 15 tons; with a table 2.7 meters long and 2.2 meters wide.  

- Installed in the pit. It descends to the level of the ground without affecting the movement of the transporting car. 

- Its table comes with customized equipment preventing the car from sliding. 

- Its lower part has four hydraulic rams for supporting the table and load at a high place to prevent the car from sinking while carrying materials in. 

Installed in the pit 

MARCO is a company specialized in producing hydraulic lift platforms; it has over 70 years of experience in design and manufacturing. As an enterprise committed to quality and technology, its solutions have been widely applied in such industries as storage and logistics, automobile making, aviation transportation, chemicals, food, and beverages to satisfy the demands of clients around the world.

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