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How can ultra-long or ultra-heavy materials be handled efficiently in the metallurgical industry?
How can ultra-long or ultra-heavy materials be handled efficiently in the metallurgical industry?


What is the greatest challenge in transporting raw materials and products in the metallurgical industry?

Raw materials are normally heavy, bulky and require higher safety during operation. Workers often have to operate in a limited operating space or high temperature environment.


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While cooperating with a large-scale metallurgical manufacturer in the western of China, the MARCO team has developed a tailored equipment solution according to the characteristics of working conditions in order to tackle with various challenges encountered by this industry.


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After being transported into the reaction workshop through an integrated roller conveyor, raw materials have to be lifted to the height of the reaction furnace with a lifting system. However, this cannot be realized by using a standard lift table due to the large volume and weight of raw materials to be used.


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The team therefore has designed a parallel double-scissor lift table, featuring two sets of scissor arm units to jointly support an ultra-long table, and meeting all-round requirements for application, including length, width, load capacity, etc.


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The custom lift table has a length of approximately 13m, a width of 3.5m and a load capacity of 20t. Through accurate calculation and design by the MARCO team, the scissor arm units with a high-precise lifting stroke and synchronous control can perfectly ensure stable and efficient lifting movements.


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