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Meets the lifting requirements and applicable to various workstation —— MARCO lift table in the forklift industry
Meets the lifting requirements and applicable to various workstation —— MARCO lift table in the forklift industry


A large forklift manufacturing center that is famous in the material handling equipment industry and is committed to providing global customers with consulting, sale, and after-sales services in respect of high-quality products and material handling equipment. As for the product assembly line, MARCO specially designs custom lifting equipment according to the characteristics of its forklift products, assembly line workflow, station combination, material line, etc.

Different types of forklifts vary in height, complexity and assembly sequence, making the height from the ground and the location of forklifts replaced from time to time in the assembly process. For the forklift with special requirements, lifting and suspension during the assembly, etc. may be required. All such requirements are met with the complex and precise design of the MARCO team.

The lift table is nearly 4 meters long, 1 meter wide, and weighs 4 tons, with double-scissor structure and  a double-layered desktop, installed in the pit. The table is flush with the ground in the general assembly process, and the semi-finished forklift is pushed onto the table. The height of the table is adjusted from time to time so as to facilitate and quicken the assembly. The top of the table is precisely milled with CNC machine tool, and the appropriate height is set aside between the two layers of the top. The legs of the forward forklift can be extended in, and then hoisting can be performed to complete a more complex assembly process.

Marco has been focused on the improvement of the technology and product quality of lift tables in order to provide customers with safe, stable, durable lifting equipment. The custom lift table designed and manufactured this time has solved the problems frequently appearing in the customer’s assembly line and has won the high praise from the customer. With the growth of the manufacturing centers of the customer and its production assembly requirements upgraded, the parties will have more discussions on material handling, fine production and other aspects.

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We are the experts in safe and reliable vertical positioning, with over 70 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing rugged, high-performance lift tables.

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