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Marco high lift platform assists material transportation in semiconductor factories
Marco high lift platform assists material transportation in semiconductor factories


How is the transfer of materials between floors generally realized?
Cargo elevator?
High cost, long construction period, complex construction, special equipment of all kinds of procedures......
In the planning process of production line equipment in a semiconductor factory,
Quickly abandoned the freight elevator plan,
Communicated with Marco about the actual working conditions,
Marco team proposed the solution of heavy-duty high-stroke loading platform.

Semiconductors that are widely used in integrated circuits, consumer electronics, communication systems, photovoltaic power generation, lighting, high-power converters and other areas are normally made of silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide, etc. During the production of semiconductors, raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and other materials have to be transported between floors, which requires to use lift tables with a larger loading volume and payload and a higher lifting speed. 
Meanwhile, the platform of the lift table must be free of rust cause corrosive materials need be transferred and processed by the semiconductor factory. With full consideration of various factors, including the characteristics of the customer’s  industry, the properties of raw materials, the material flow process implemented in the factory, the MARCO team has specially customized this heavy-duty high rise tilt table, featuring hot-dip galvanized protection on the entire surface of the platform in order to eliminate the potential risks of rust.

Product spec:
Capacity of the platform is 10 tons,
The surface size is 3 meters x 3 meters,
Traveling 2.7 meters,
The countertops are protected by hot-dip galvanizing to prevent rust

Thanks to the superposed structure including multiple layers of scissor arms, MARCO high rise lift table is able to meet the requirement for an extended travel. It is usually installed in places with limited space and greater lifting height, and often used as cargo lifts, pallet stackers and elevators for the disabled. To ensure the optimal safety and stability of the structure, MARCO high rise lift table can be configured with up to four layers of scissor arms.
This lift table specially customized by MARCO for the semiconductor factory has solved numerous problems encountered during the process of upgrading the customer's assembly line and significantly improved the efficiency and safety of the operation. "This is an ideal lift table because it is tailored according to our requirements for volume, load capacity and lifting speed. We can adjust the lifting speed and height in real time depending on different materials to be transported for easy and fast operation.” The Equipment Manager of the customer made a high appraisal of MARCO’s products and services during the return visit.


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