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Marco working platform applied to injection molding machine processing center
Marco working platform applied to injection molding machine processing center


In the context of aging workforce and higher workplace safety requirements,  it is particularly important to provide operators with safe, reliable and ergonomic workplaces. This demand has stimulated innovations in ergonomic working platforms that enable operators to work in a suitable location efficiently and accurately.

Relying on its extensive expertise accumulated over years in this area, Marco is committed to offering a full range of customized working platform solutions according to different combination of operators, materials and equipment, which can be widely used in in various fields such as automobile manufacturing, sheet metal processing, air transportation, and agricultural machinery.

To cater for the industrial application in an injection molding machine processing center, Marco’s team recently has developed a tailored assembly platform for injection molding machine. This platform is installed in an injection molding machine. The operator can stand on the step for operation and inspection when the mold is opened or closed. The working platform can either be moved from one station to the next horizontally with a sliding rail configured at the bottom, or be elevated or lowered rapidly to allow the operator to access stations with different heights. To ensure safe operation, the top surface of the platform is covered with a crocodile mouth perforated anti-skid plate as well as inductive switch used to detect the presence of persons standing on the platform.

"It’s safe, efficient, innovative and flexible!" After the first batch of working platforms were delivered to the customer's workshop and put into trial operation, the customer's Engineering Equipment Manager highly praised the design and use experience of our products and placed the second order without hesitate. "This equipment solves the problems that bother us for a long time. Injection molding machines may cause potential safety hazards due to the complicated mold opening and closing process as well as complex and tedious operation. But now with Marco working platforms, we are able to ensure safe and efficient operation!"

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