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Marco's First Sales Order in China - Milestone-type High Rise Lift Table with Guardrails!
Marco's First Sales Order in China - Milestone-type High Rise Lift Table with Guardrails!


"This lift table is raised and lowered to transport materials in and out every day and has been in service for more than ten years. It has no malfunctions except for normal maintenance conducted every year. We have always trusted Marko's products!"

In a plastic product manufacturer in Zhejiang, the workshop equipment manager gave the Marco team a thumb up. This evaluation is not only a recognition of the quality of Marco's products, but also a perfect footnote for this milestone design because this is the first set of equipment that Marco supplied in China's market.

By expanding its presence from Sweden to China, Marco established its first factory in Ningbo, specially aiming on the Asia-Pacific market at that time, but without covering the local market in China, until a company specializing in the development and manufacturing of plastic products in Zhejiang encountered a problem. In the raw material feeding area, some plastic particles that were not subject to the process on the first floor need to be directly transported to the second floor for processing.

However, building a cargo elevator means a longer construction period, higher costs, occupancy of larger space, complicated procedures for special equipment and adverse impacts on visual aesthetics of the entire building. In this case, the Marco team made a quick response and customized a solution according to the customer's needs - in fact, Marco has provided such solutions for various applications such as factories, warehouses, and car showrooms around the world. Once receiving the drawings, the plastic product manufacturer immediately made a decision and ordered this set of equipment which has been operated functionally for over a decade.

Length: 2.5m, width: approx. 2m

Travel: 4m

Load capacity: 2t

Guardrails equipped on both longitudinal sides

Manual flaps equipped on both transverse sides

Prevent goods from falling off during lifting operation

Thanks to the superposed structure including multiple layers of scissor arms, this Marco high rise lift table is able to meet the requirement for an extended travel, and minimize the space requirement, without destroying the overall structure of the building. Considering the characteristics of raw materials used in this plastic product manufacturer, the lift table has been designed with tailored sizes and anti-fall protection, which greatly improve the efficiency and safety of operation.

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