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A Manned Lift Table with Load Capacity of 10t & Maximum Height of 7m Facilitates Easy Assembly and Maintenance of Large Machinery
A Manned Lift Table with Load Capacity of 10t & Maximum Height of 7m Facilitates Easy Assembly and Maintenance of Large Machinery


How are large mine crushers assembled and maintained?

How do workers access the highest point safely and efficiently?

How to move flexibly from one workstation to another?

How to avoid irregular parts of the machine?

How to achieve multi-person collaboration?

How to save space effectively?

Marco is renowned for its strong competitiveness in providing customized solutions and rich experience in offering quality service for large-scale machinery assembly and maintenance workshops. After visiting the customer's site this time, Marco's team identified a number of challenges as follows.

Large-size and high-rise machines to be handled

Complex structure varying in different parts

Complicated operation workflow requiring higher safety and efficiency

This sophisticated multi-stage scissor lift table has been successfully developed by Marco's team.

Just standing on the platform, workers can easily access to stations at various heights.

The platform is equipped with railings to protect the safety of workers.

The rotatable platform allows workers to operate at different workstations at any time.

To repair the next machine, the lift table can move with its wheels along the rails to realize efficient "site transition".

In order to comply with applicable occupational safety regulations, Marco who has been collaborated closely with various industries is committed to promoting product R&D and technology upgrade and developing effective solutions for customers, which can realize optimal balance between safety and productivity and creating values continuously for customers to meet their actual needs.

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