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Marco Loading Lift Tables assist to fix the problem of "last mile"
Marco Loading Lift Tables assist to fix the problem of "last mile"


Moving large loads from regional warehouses to cities is a familiar process. The last-mile problem arises when the orders are then delivered to individual customers. The distances may be short, but the streets are narrow and congested.The last mile demands low costs and emissions plus high flexibility and efficiency



The last mile demands low costs and emissions plus high flexibility and efficiency, all at the same time. It really is a challenge. EVs have already been identified as one part of the solution. The other is last-mile distribution centers. These accept a truck-load of individual orders for rapid transshipment onto EVs for delivery to the customer.

Centers like this need not be large or permanent. Neither do they need a lot of equipment. They can be like small pop-up depots, rented for perhaps a few days or even hours with little capital outlay.



Marco Assists Handling Operation

Marco provides a safe and efficient solution for the last mile of delivery. Grouped goods for delivery, when unloaded from trucks, need to be transferred immediately onto electric vehicles, and Marco loading lift table serves as a bridge between them. When the lift table raises the table top to the same level of the truck deck, the goods are easily transferred onto the lift table, which then lowers to a suitable height and unload the goods onto the electric vehicle.



The Marco loading lift tables are widely used and come in various specifications that cover all loading and unloading applications. In case of unconventional working conditions, the Marco design team is able to provide custom solutions.



In Marco, we think and project far beyond that. As the supply chain and labor costs increase with each passing day in many industries, the investment in technology and equipment to improve working efficiency and reducing labor costs has become an important subject in our research. It’s actually the direction of development for the material handling industry. While alleviating the issues of ageing population, insufficient labor force and hiking labor costs, it may basically change the traditional modes of material handling operation, promoting working efficiency and industrial transformation.


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