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MARCO lift table ensures customs in Heihe and protects the land of ice and snow
MARCO lift table ensures customs in Heihe and protects the land of ice and snow


MARCO hydraulic lift tables are widely used in customs inspection areas, including more than 30 port cities at home and abroad. This time, it is introduced into Heihe, a land of ice and snow.

Heihe is located in the northeastern border of China, opposite Russia across the Heilongjiang River. The city is covered with ice and snow, with the minimum temperature more than minus 30 degrees Celsius. At Heihe Port, customs and border inspectors  have a lot of responsibility. They  must guard the borders to protect public safety and promote legal trade. Beyond that,  they must also inspect vehicles that carry goods exchanged by border residents.

When transport vehicles enter the inspection area, images of goods can be displayed on the control computer screen through scanning of special equipment. Based on the high standard and rigor of inspection work, MARCO lift table, which is specially designed, is used here.

The MARCO lifting table  is 7 meters long and nearly 3 meters wide, and has a static load of 80 tons. It has a parallel double shear structure. The two sets of scissor arms are used to lift a table together, thus ensuring longer table and heavier load. Besides, synchronous control is used to lift the two scissor arm units to ensure smooth lift when the table is fully loaded.

The platform is placed in the pit. When the heavy truck enters the hydraulic lifting table, the customs inspection equipment will scan the large truck in all directions. When the small truck enters here, the lifting table will lift the truck within the scope of the customs inspection equipment.

The MARCO lift tables, along with  customs inspectors, stand at various ports of China's border day and night. They not only guard trade between China and abroad, but also intercept suspicious goods, jointly protecting China.

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