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Marco lifting equipment facilitates the assembly line of robots
Marco lifting equipment facilitates the assembly line of robots





The vigorous development of intelligent manufacturing has promoted the wide application of robotic arms which can effectively improve the production environment, reduce manufacturing costs and increase production efficiency. But, how are such big guys manufactured? What problems will be encountered in their assembly? Marco has been actively participating in the intelligent manufacturing industry and has solved a series of problems in such application scenarios.


The top of robotic arms is high and the bottom is completely placed on the ground. How are their parts assembled? Marco has maintained close communication with a multinational high-end brand robot manufacturer on this issue and provided a safe and efficient solution.

Robotic arms to be assembled in the production line



The assembly of arms lying flat on the ground is not easy. First of all, workers cannot reach the location of high parts, and can only squat, kneel or even lie on their stomach to assemble low parts, which brings challenges and hidden dangers to their work efficiency and safety.




The height difference is the key to solving the problem in the assembly process. Marco has customized a fixed lifting platform to be installed in a pit. The lifting platform is lowered to the minimum level when parts on the top of arms are installed and workers do not need to climb up high. It is lifted when those at the bottom of arms are installed and workers can do the work without squatting, kneeling or bending down. The robot manufacturer was very satisfied with the solution. After trial use, it changed all its assembly lines to a lifting design and applied the solution to many production and assembly bases at home and abroad.



A guide rail has been specially customized on the table of the lifting platform, through which robotic arms can be quickly moved from other stations to the platform. The platform is also equipped with an automatic rotating table, which can rotate by 360 degrees and through which workers can perform operations without going around the equipment. At the same time, the lifting platform is additionally equipped with an accordion shield to avoid the danger of contact in the lifting process, which also has a pleasing appearance and can improve the quality of the operating environment.




 It has always been the concept of Marco in the design and manufacturing of industrial equipment to increase work efficiency, reduce operating costs, protect employees, improve the operating environment and avoid operating risks, which coincides with the customer's "people-oriented, pioneering and enterprising" spirit, bringing forth new ideas.

About intelligent manufacturing

 The development of intelligent manufacturing represents the general trend. The importance of industrial robots will also grow with each passing day. Robotic arms have been most widely used in the field of robotics and have penetrated into all walks of life, greatly promoting the development of the industrial field. Marco has been focusing on studying the development of intelligent manufacturing, strengthening industry communication and contact and exploring new paths for cooperation and development.


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