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Marco four-post lifting tables assist vehicle test in the raining test line
Marco four-post lifting tables assist vehicle test in the raining test line


Project Overview

There is a raining test line designed for large NEVs. However, when a vehicle is driven into the raining test room for testing, the spraying range cannot fully cover the vehicle body, especially the sides and areas close the vehicle bottom and the test line does not support operation at multiple angles simultaneously, which causes a lower efficiency of the test. To cater for such working conditions, Marco has developed customized four-post lifting tables and significantly improved the efficiency of the raining test.

Conventional vehicle spray test line

Vehicle is driven into the test line

Spraying according to the preset quantity and time

Spraying at special angles and for special shapes

Manual adjustment required

No guarantee for production efficiency and safety

How Marco Platforms Work

The platforms remain at the same height as the ground when they is in the lower position.

After the vehicle moves onto the platform, the four wheels are fixed on the four platforms respectively.

Now it is ready for the spray test.

During the spraying process, the four platforms can be elevated or lowered simultaneously.

In case of special requirements or products with special shapes,

the platforms can be elevated or lowered individually

in order to enable multi-angle and all-around spraying.

Special Working Conditions and Customized Requirements

Considering special working conditions and various customized requirements for the spray test line, Marco’s team, through on-site investigation, continuous communication with the NEV team, and strict compliance with measurement standards and requirements, has successfully designed and developed this set of lifting platforms with the following specifications:

1. Higher waterproof grade

2. Surface treatment based on the post-galvanization painting technology to prevent the equipment from water immersion and corrosion

3. Two front-wheel platforms are fixed

4. Two rear-wheel platforms are moveable within a specific range along the forward and backward directions

5. Elevated steps above the platforms to fix tyres

6. Use a deep pit with concrete floor as the installation foundation

7. Pre-drilled holes for water pipelines to be reserved on both sides of the platforms

The vehicle raining test is mainly used to simulate rains in the natural environment in order to test the leakage and rainproof performance of vehicles. Each vehicle which has been assembled should be subject to a strict test by using the raining line before it is released, and only vehicles that meet the requirements can be released. Thanks to this modification of the equipment, our company has introduced Marco's customized solution, which fundamentally solves a number of actual problems, improves the work efficiency and minimizes operation-related risks. In view of the steadily-increasing market share of this NEV brand as well as increasingly-strict requirements for the spray line, a large quantity of Marco lifting equipment will be purchased in the future.


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