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Marco Customized Working Platform for Large water heater manufacturer
Marco Customized Working Platform for Large water heater manufacturer


"Easy to operate and stable lifting", commented by a large water heater and boiler manufacturer with a 100-year history, after using Marco working platforms. In a few years, this company has purchased three batches of customized working platforms from Marco.

Different heights of equipment
Different sizes of accessories to be assembled
Different types of tools
Potential safety risks to operators
The equipment engineers from the customer, when communicating with Marco's sales & engineering team, pointed out the challenges faced by their assembly lines.
Marco team developed this customized working platform specially for electrical products assembly lines based on the characteristics of various products and working stations of the production lines, as well as the customer's requirements.

With the dimensions of 2.25 m (L) x 0.8 m (W) and a load capacity of 500 kg, This working platform, is an ideal solution satisfying the characteristics of products and the needs of operators. Products can be easily assembled through lifting or lowering the platform by an operator standing on it according to various heights of products.

In order to improve its functionality and extend the range of application, Marco's team specially developed a variety of accessories for this working platform. For example, aluminum telescopic guardrails are designed with robust structure, configured with built-in limit switches, which are activated only when guardrails are engaged properly to allow lifting or lowering operations of the platform.

In addition, metal grid guards are configured to prevent any objects or persons from entering the platform and avoid potential safety risks.
With special focus on the safe working environment, the customer has taken various improvement measures to eliminate potential hazards in the working areas. The most important of these is having improved equipment for the production lines and enhanced the safety of production. Marco's customized working platforms, after being put into operation, have been highly recognized by assembly line operators, managers, and the Safety Department.


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